Long time no post

I can’t believe summer is over and I haven’t made a post since the end of May. First off, I’m sorry I just left with no word of what was going on. As you know it’s very important for me to stay positive and well I wasn’t really doing that the past few months. At least it didn’t feel like it.

I felt like a hot mess, my health was declining both mentally and physically. I’ve been dealing with chronic daily migraines that have been, well debilitating. I’ve changed primary care physicians, and he is absolutely amazing in helping me navigate through this crazy world of chronic illness. I have some new specialist appointments in the upcoming months, due to new and not so fun symptoms. Maybe I’ll go into that more, once I know more. Anyways it’s been a struggle.

Okay so let’s talk some happy things. We had a family trip to Orlando. Shawnee, our 16 year old dance with her dance group in Disney World and we had a blast. My family is amazing at dealing with my limitations and walking at my pace or taking breaks as needed. We ducked into shops when I needed some A/C and they didn’t laugh at me too much for my funny little neck fan that I wore to keep cool.

After our family trip, Shawnee went with her big sister Jorden for the rest of summer to Las Vegas. Which meant with James away at work Lucas and I spent the summer together. Man what an amazing kid he is. My last baby turn 13 and I am so proud of the little man he’s becoming.

Mom also visited a few times. We decided between her health and my health that she needs to move closer to me. Currently she’s about 4 hours away, so this fall she will be moving about 15 minutes away from me. It will be no e to have her so close. I think we both need eachother.

Anyways today I had an appointment with a mental health specialist/social worker in my health care clinic. It was supposed to be a 20 minute meeting and well it lasted closer to an hour. During the appointment. Tom, my worker, shared that he thought I was such an inspiration. After hearing of all me medical concerns and diagnosis, as well as my mental concerns, he shared that he was inspired by my positive attitude, smiling face, joking sense of humor and more, when most people would crack. This is something I needed to hear, and not from my loved ones, from a professional. I needed this validation. I needed reminding that I have so much to be grateful for and that I really am grateful, even if I don’t realize it. I haven’t wanted to share the past few months, but that’s exactly what I needed to do.

I don’t know if I’ll share as often as I was before, but I am back. We all have to live or best life, even if we don’t think we can.




I'm a forty something wife, and mother of three. I'm an autoimmune disease and depression warrior. I love to live my life with positivity and believe in the law of attraction. My job is to make up stories to share with the world, so there's always something brewing.

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