Everlasting Embrace

Everlasting Embrace – Embrace Series 4

Sophia Pierce has walked the earth for over a century. She’s struggled, but finally found meaning to her existence. She found love, friendship and an amazing family. Now with the love of her life by her side, Sophia feels strong enough to conquer anything. Even raising a baby, born as his mother died at the hands of the Cerberus, evil Vampires. Sophia helps her best friend deal with the loss of her husband and raising their daughter.

Stronger than ever, Sophia isn’t prepared for everything she’s about to learn.
Good versus evil seems like a pretty easy concept, but that’s not always true. When an Angel hunter comes for Nathanial’s friend Ben a Nephilim, Sophia and the Pierce family vow to protect him. Ben finds safety in the new Supernatural school created by the Pierce family, their shape shifter allies and the Magnificent Ones. With Caspian’s at the head of the school, things are bound to get exciting.

Everlasting Embrace will take you on an exciting journey, of danger, love, and life. When one love leaves, can another be found? Can that love return to you once they left? Sophia Pierce will learn the answers to this and so much more as she helps the ones she loves heal.

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