This morning during my regular routine I was watching a motivational Video. It talked about following your dreams. This is something I’ve always been big on. I even have dream/believe ambigram tattoo.

So often we think of what we want to do, who we want to be and chalk it up to dreams. Well every successful person out there started with a dream. So if they can accomplish it, why can we?

Don’t even think you are good enough, smart enough, or whatever, cause you are. Reach for the stars, believe in your dreams and anything can happen.

Take a few moments everyday and reflect on your dreams. Think about how, when, why and then believe you can do it. Dream up your best life and make it happen.




I'm a forty something wife, and mother of three. I'm an autoimmune disease and depression warrior. I love to live my life with positivity and believe in the law of attraction. My job is to make up stories to share with the world, so there's always something brewing.

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