Thanks for joining me here. My name is Charlotte Blackwell, I am a Canadian romance author, wife and mother. My entire life I have struggle with minor health aliments. In 2016 things started to go down hill, by 2017 things escalated and in 2018 I was diagnosed with undifferentiated connective tissue disease (similar to Lupus) and LCV (a form of vasculitis). Since then I have really struggled with various health concerns and can no longer work outside the home.

I refuse to let my health keep me down. I am a strong believer in positivity and the law of attraction, so I refuse to let things keep me down. This blog will follow my struggles but it will mostly follow the positive lessons I learn on my journey. Typically it’s written from my bed on my phone, and it’s just me open to how I feel that day. I hope that it can help inspire you to also Live Your Best Life.