Step 5

Every now and then I share steps I use to living my best life, manifesting my dreams and staying positive. Each step is important and honestly, there is no real order to do them, do what’s best for you.

Today’s step for me is surrounding myself with great people. We’ve heard it since we were kids. It’s not how many friends we have, it’s the quality of friends we have. Friends that are supportive, happy and just good people help us to feel good.

Shawnee (my middle child) had dance competition this post weekend. I absolutely adore the other dance families. We don’t typically hang out away from dance, but they are such amazing people. I feel blessed to know them.

Now this weekend I joked with one family that they would be my future in-laws. Obviously I’m not arranging marriage for my sixteen year old. What I mean is that my dreams for her future is to find an amazing family and significant other like this family. Something we all want for our kids. I want all three of my kids to have a blessed life, someone that is their friend, partner and supports them in all their dreams.

The support that all the dancers get from all the other dance families at our studio amazes me. The little kids cheer on the big kids, the big kids cheer on the little kids. Mostly the parents cheer on every dancer, the parents drive the kids to cheer even if they don’t have to be there. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Surrounding ourselves with great people, help us to be great people. It makes you happy, makes your heart feel good and helps us to be happy. After all happiness is the key to a good life.

Shawnee wanted to stay and cheer on her team in the finals, even though she wasn’t dancing. Unfortunately I was not feeling my best and didn’t think I could stay longer. One of these amazing families I talk about drove her home so that I could leave earlier and go rest. A few years ago I had major surgery days before competition. I went the first day, and it wasn’t good. For the remainder of the competition, dance families took turns driving my girls to and from for me. They endured they were there, ready and had snacks or meals for the day. To top it off one family brought us dinners for the entire week. I couldn’t have made it through without these families. My husband was away at work, my family lives in another city and couldn’t come. I didn’t have to worry because our dance family took care of us. And always remember to give back to others when and where you can.

Find the amazing people in your life and together you can ask live your best life.




I'm a forty something wife, and mother of three. I'm an autoimmune disease and depression warrior. I love to live my life with positivity and believe in the law of attraction. My job is to make up stories to share with the world, so there's always something brewing.

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