A new world or is it?

My entire life and before people have fought for equal rights. A big fight right now is LGBQT+ and let’s hope that one day people can just be people and all have equality.

It really wasn’t that long ago when the fight was for women’s right to vote, the fight against segregation. These all seemed like huge steps forward in equality.

Now this week, Alabama passed an anti-abortion law. This takes away women’s rights. Some fight that they are protecting the babies rights, but if that’s the case you have to look at it as a baby isn’t viable until at least 24 weeks gestation. Therefore it’s not actually a baby, it’s an organism. Are we going to stop treating disease because they are living organisms and have rights? I know that’s a harsh compassion, but try and look at it scientifically instead of emotionally.

The fact is a 12 year old rape or incest victim can no longer terminate the organism growing in them. This puts their life at risk, physically and mentally. Part of the fight is how do we give more meaning to one life than another? Well that’s exactly what this law has done.

So is this a new world or are we reverting to the old world? Each of us will view this differently and no one’s feelings mean less than the other.

How can we find the positive in a situation like this? It’s hard, but we have to remember what was accomplished in the past. We have to fight for what ever we feel is right and believe it can be accomplished. We as a society are facing hard times, but it can be beaten and we can prosper.

I do believe that we will all have equal rights one day. I do believe we will all have freedom one day. It’s 2019 not 1819 we all have a voice and we can use it to bring happiness and peace to all. Life isn’t black and white or cut and dry (what ever saying you want to use). Everyone has the right to believe in what they think is right. So stop judging others and fight for everyone’s right and try to live your best life.




I'm a forty something wife, and mother of three. I'm an autoimmune disease and depression warrior. I love to live my life with positivity and believe in the law of attraction. My job is to make up stories to share with the world, so there's always something brewing.

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